We do so much at Scott Norris Photography.  Of course, taking and processing photos is a big part of that.  But we also help you capture special moments and mementos.  We can digitally retouch your old faded and damaged photographs and make them like new again.  Do we do commissioned work? Yes we do!  

And,  in a parallel life, Scott is also an accomplished 3D Animator / Motion Graphics Artist / Effects Supervisor with 20+ years experience.  

If you are interested in any of these services, or if you have a great idea or question, contact Scott at

Commisioned Work

Do you have an idea or subject you'd like me to shoot?  Email me for information and rates:


My best photographs from a variety of styles ready to find a place on your home / office walls and even your digital desktop.  Click to see more...

Animation and Motion Graphics

Do you have a problem or idea that needs some animation or motion graphics magic? Click to learn more...

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